Raven H

The friendly AI friend

Launch campaign for Raven H – a new AI home assistant device, introduced to the Chinese market in 2018.

A collaboration between Chinese design technology company Raven, and Swedish product design studio Teenage Engineering.

Photography aims to elevate the colourful, audacious design, as well as celebrate the beautiful chaos of domestic life, something other brands tend to avoid in their art direction leading to bland, unrealistic imagery.

TV spots communicate the character and features of the device; connectivity, signal waves, artificial intelligence, and colours.

- Identity design
- Campaign design
- Art direction
- Environmental design

Photography: David Brandon Geeting
Motion: Builders Club
Set design: Gemma Ticke
Styling: Ani + Aniko
Model: Emelie Fredengren
Sound design: Simon Pyke
Creative Director: Shi Yuan